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ship roles(when facing other ships)

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Now, correct me if I am wrong, but in my very short time in this game thus far, I feel like after taking a look at the ship types, and the time I've spent in game, I have come to a conclusion. 


1. Destroyers- Destroyers primarily are meant to face off against Battleships. They, of course, have other roles, but primarily they are a counter to Battleships

2. Cruiser- A cruisers primary target should be Destroyers and other Cruisers. Again, other roles, but I am just talking about what ship goes against another effectively here.

3. Battleships- A Battleship should primarily go after other Battleships, however, other than Destroyers, a Battleship can really focus on any other type of ship. So, in my opinion, the Battleship is the one with the most flexibility in which ship it can effectively focus.

4. Aircraft Carriers- Now, my experience with this is very limited thus far, however, it would appear to me that a carrier's primary target depends on it's loadout. This, I would really have to either play or watch play extensively to really have an opinion on this.


Anyway, this is what I have gleaned this far in. If I am incorrect, any conversation on this would be welcome.

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Battleships are best at killing cruisers. BB's who don't get into a protracted slugfest with the enemy BB's and focus on knocking out the cruisers first are a godsend, or a nightmare. It then leaves them able to attack the enemy battleships alongside friendly cruisers and DD's which will keep the enemy alight and busy dodging torps. I probably shouldn't be letting in on this though, since I mostly play cruisers and that kind of action from the battleships severely limits a cruiser's ability to play aggressively. 


DD's are equally useful for sneakily knocking out CV's, keeping enemies spotted, and contesting capture zones. They really occupy both ends of the combat-no-combat spectrum

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Battleships should target CRUISERS first. Cruisers should target destroyers and other cruisers. Destroyers should run interference and area denia. Sneak attacks from behind islands, and offensive-smoke runs to get high-priority targetsl. Battleships DO NOT counter Battleships until everyone one else is dead, or to far away to shoot.

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It's all highly situational.



1. Deal with enemy DDs first, either by revealing them, killing them yourself, or staying on the opposite side of the map from them. You can't sneak up on a BB when an enemy DD spots you 10km away.

2. Hunt anything slow that shows you it's broadside and/or advances away from it's support. Be aware of enemy DDs when you do it, because nothing is worse than getting spotted between 5 and 10 km where anything with guns can hit you easily.

3. Avoid maneuverable ships with fast-firing guns since they can dodge torpedoes and hit reliably.

4. CVs are a "sometimes" food. Be aware of whether or not the enemy CV has a dangerous number of bombers remaining -- if not (and often by the time a DD gets clear to chase the CV this is the case) there is no point at all in hunting the CV.

5. Destroyers are far more valuable at the end of a match than at the beginning. At the beginning of the match, the DD might not be seen, but everyone knows where it is within a km or two anyway because there are only so many places it might go. At the end of a match it might be anywhere on a map, most enemies are half-dead anyway, and even a DD's little pop-guns can stop a cap. The ships most likely to last until the end of a match are BBs, which have horrible stealth and spotting ability, and they are likely to have lost all the cruisers and DDs that would be protecting them. Carriers are also likely to have lost all their planes. With that in mind, the only time it's worth gambling with your life early on is to sink an enemy DD (which also becomes more powerful later in the game).



1. Hit targets of opportunity. It's generally better to put several volleys into a BB than to keep missing a DD at long range.

2. When you have several viable targets, the order of preference is DD>CA/CL>BB. As with DDs, its rarely worth going out of your way to hit a carrier.

3. If someone needs to move into an area where a DD is likely to be hiding, cruisers are generally the best ships for it. If you approach head-on a cruiser is a very hard target for torpedoes, and they generally have fast guns with enough accuracy to kill the destroyer. If you need to go into a DD's smoke, the most important thing is to have allies close (like within 5km) and with their guns pointed in the right direction. Be careful to wait until your allies can shoot around any islands or whatever might be in the way. This is one of those things where you only have a 50% chance of surviving alone, so if you do it be sure that you needed to do it.

4. Cruisers work best in packs. Cruisers can be difficult targets, and they are likely to survive making a mistake once or twice, so it's okay to be exposed to fire a little, but it's better to have allies around who might look like easier targets. This does not mean that a cruiser shouldn't get shot at, or should let an ally tank all of the incoming fire -- like a wolf pack, cruisers work best when the enemy can be distracted from focussing too much on any one target. It's generally gonna turn out worse if you leave one player to face the enemy alone, even if that delays your own demise.



1. Shoot what you can hit.

2. Prioritize whichever targets you will do the most damage to.

3. DDs are always the priority if you can hit them. You generally shouldn't try if they are more than 10km (unless they are stopped or moving straight), but within 10 km they are generally easy to hit.

4. Cruisers are generally higher priority than BBs, but remember #1 and #2 -- a BB you can hit is more important than a CA you can't, and a BB showing its citadel is more important than a Cruiser showing it's bow. As a rule, cruisers aren't worth shooting at farther than 15km, and closer than 10 km you will hit every time and can citadel them through their bow or stern so they are always yummy at close range.

5. Don't rely on secondaries, but know how they work and at what range. You should either be 9km or more away, or close enough for secondaries -- there is no advantage to being "close, but not close enough". If an enemy won't allow you to be farther away, push in till the secondaries fire. Torpedoes are a threat that close, but if an enemy wants to show you their side while you have secondaries firing they won't feel too good either. The general idea is that most enemies will stop you from running away, so they will happily kite you at the maximum effective range for torpedoes, etc. You're screwed if your at 7 km anyway, so you might as well push to 6 km and gen your secondaries firing.

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