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Russia's Kynda Class

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She just looks Awesome :Smile_ohmy:

Posted Image


Posted Image



Below is the SS-N-1 Goa Surface to Air Missile

Posted Image



This is her primary missile. The SS-N-3 Shaddock

Posted Image


The Kynda class surface warfare cruisers, deployed during 1962-1965, were among the first of the modern Soviet warships. Initially laid down as destroyers, on 29 September 1962 they were redesignated as Rocket Cruisers. Only slightly longer than the Krupnyy and Kildin destroyer, they had significantly more firepower and could launch 16 SS-N-3b SLCMs and 24 SA-N-1 surface-to-air missiles, and also had six 21-inch torpedo tubes. The design suffered from excessive top-weight and thus poor stability of the design. This prompted the decision to build the larger Kresta class. Only four Kyndas were built out of the 10 planned...with three of the class being stricken 1991-1993.


The ships operated in conjunction with land-based aircraft or submarines, which provided the target acquisition and mid-course and terminal guidance for the missiles.


Admiral Golovko was recommissioned from reserve in 1995 to serve as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, and by mid-1997 the Black Sea Fleet flag had reportedly transferred from the 'Kara' class Kerch'. By early 2001 Golovko began a refit at Sevastopol, following the designation of the Moskva (ex-Slava) as the Black Sea Fleet flagship in April 2000.


Builder: Zhdanov Yard (Northern Yard), Leningrad


Displacement (tons):  

4,400 tons standard

5,500 tons full load


Dimensions (m):

141.7-141.9 meters long

15.8 meters beam

5.3 meters draft


Propulsion: 2 steam turbines; 100,000 shp; 2 shafts


Crew: 304-375 [25 officers / 279 enlisted]




1 twin SA-N-1 Goa launcher [24]

8 SS-N-3b Shaddock tubes [8 + 8 reloads]


4 76.2-mm/59-cal (2 twin)

4 30-mm/65-cal (multi barrel)

Torpedoes: 6 21-in (533-mm) (2 triple)



MR-500 Kliver,3D Air Search radar

MR-302 Rubka Surface Search radar

Uspekh-U radar downlink

Don Navigation

Yatagan SA-N-1 fire control

MR-105 AK-726 fire control

Binom P35 Progress fire control

GAS-372 hull mounted Sonars


Specs for SA-N-1 Goa, Naval version or land based SA-3 Goa

Missile Characteristics:

Length (m): 6.70

Diameter (m): .60

Weight at launch (kg): 400

Propulsion system:

Booster: Solid

Sustainer: Solid

Launch rails/tubes:

2 or 4 rails, ground mounted (not mobile)


Command, (poss. IR terminal homing)

Warhead (type): HE

Kill Radius: 12.5 m


Max. velocity (Mach) 3+

Max. altitude (m) 25,000

Min altitude (m) 100

Operational range (km) 25

Minimum range (km) 6


Missile characteristics for the SS-N-3 Shaddock surface to surface missile


Total length:  

10.20 meters [sS-N-3a/b]

11.75 meters [sS-N-3c]

Diameter:  0.98 meter

Wingspan: 5.00 meters

Weight:  5,400 kg


1000 kg conventional high explosive or

350 kiloton nuclear warhead


2 solid-fuel boosters

1 turbo-jet sustainer

Maximum Speed: Mach 0.9

Maximum effective range:  

450 km [sS-N-3a/b]

750 km [sS-N-3c]

Guidance mode: inertial with mid-course guidance through data link from launch platform.

Single-shot hit probability

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Yeah, the Russians really managed to build menacing looking ships, which were just as dangerous as they looked. Great post as always Tanz! :Smile_great:

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I was about to ask what were the 4 big tubes on her front, it doesn't look that good, but it still looks very menacing!

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View PostCrag_r, on 17 September 2012 - 11:59 PM, said:

I was about to ask what were the 4 big tubes on her front, it doesn't look that good, but it still looks very menacing!

Well you figured those 4 big tube up front and back are the SS-N-3 launchers. Remember she came out in the 1960s, when Soviet Anti Ship Missile were massive..and in some cases still are :Smile_hiding:
That was a big talking point back in the early 80s...how Soviet ships were just bustling with sensors and weapons :Smile_ohmy: and US ships...just looked to plain and simple :Smile_sceptic:
Quality over quantity some would say. Yet it also pointed out that the Soviets at the time were not entirely sure about some of their systems.
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