There's a lot of terms floating around World of Warships...and you may have no clue what they mean. And these abbreviations and terms are very commonly used in World of Warships...not knowing their meaning can be a catalyst for disaster.    World of Warships Terminology  -Ship classes  CV = Carrier Vessel, Carrier -CV - Fleet Carrier(ex. Hiryu) -CVL - Light Carrier(Ex. Independence) -CVE - Escort Carrier(Ex. Bogue)

Fleet carriers are large carriers, carriers such as Hiryu and Essex. Light carriers are smaller carriers, such as Zuiho and Independence. Escort carriers are slow and have slightly fewer aircraft than light carriers. The only example of an escort carrier in the game is Bogue.    B = Battle[type here] --Basically, anything with the first letter of B is a capital ship. A large ship. -BB - Battleship (ex. Nagato) -FBB - Fast Battleship (very uncommon designation, and is really all just a subcatagory of battleship. Iowa is a prime example)
-BC/CC - Battlecruiser    -ACR - Armored cruiser, definition sometimes substituted for protected cruisers in addition -PC - Protected cruiser -CB/LC - Large cruiser -CA - Heavy cruiser -CL - Light cruiser -CS/SC - Scout cruiser

-DL - Destroyer leader -DD - Destroyer -DE - Destroyer escort   -PG - Patrol gunboat 
-CS, CB, and CC are the official US Navy titles for their types, but are not often used as their officiality is not well known.
-Ship and plane terminology  Bow - Forward section of the ship's hull when facing forwards Stern - Rear section of the ship's hull when facing forwards Amidships - Midway between the bow and stern, in most ships, this is where the superstructure and funnels lie. Starboard - Right side of the ship when facing forwards. Port - Left side of the ship when facing forwards Barbette - Protective mount on which a turreted weapon is mounted on. Think the turret ring. They are most evident on battleships.  Citadel - Highly protected and vital area(s) of the ship. Getting hit here is very, very nasty. Usually in the middle of your ship, close to the waterline. Magazines - Where explosive stuff such as shells and cordite is stored. Getting hit in the magazine results in a period where you are unable to reload, or if the dice rolls unfavorably, a detonation, in which you are killed with that single shot in a massive explosion.  Waterline - Point at which the ship's hull meets the surface of the water Rudder - Steers the ship...steering gears are related. Torps - Torpedoes F(F) - Fighter plane DB - Dive bomber, dives at a target and releases a bomb TB - Torpedo bomber, flies low and releases a torpedo into the water  AA(A) - Anti aircraft/anti aircraft artillery Main Armament - The main and largest weapons on a ship, the stuff you control. Secondary armament - Smaller guns which you don't control. AP - Armor piercing HE - High explosive Calibre - Internal diameter of a gun's barrel, ex. 155mm   -Words Camper - Somebody who's far behind.  1. Don't be the [edited]in the back that does nothing and blames your team for the loss. 2. Don't use it because you died.  o7 - Salute to another player you know/respect. It's usually me doing it. lol  Flank - Two definitions. 1. Section of the map. 2. To manuver around an enemy formation and attack from a different side.  Lemming train/lemming rush - Almost everyone, or everyone, goes to one side of the map, leaving the rest unoccupied. Lemming - A participant in a lemming rush. Note: Lemmings aren't always bad. Bum rush - All 12 going middle on Two Brothers, or an uncordinated charge on the enemy. Not a very formal term and is more familiar to World of Tanks players as a true bum rush is not very common in World of Warships. Very similar to a lemming but with differences.  Suicide scout/suiscout - A scout, usually a destroyer, undertaking a mission with no change of survival.  Cap - A point on the map, ex. A. Base - Your base on the map. The capture of a base in standard mode results in the end of the game and the cappers winning. Capper - A person capturing a base, any type of base .   Unrelated, or forum terms CW - Club Wargaming. Being a member of Club Wargaming denotes your status as a proficient guide author, wiki staff member, or youtube personality. It also denotes you are a helpful individual and the stupidity gene is not in you.  Neg - Negative reputation vote. This was removed over the summer. A large amount of downvotes denotes a bad post. However, people often used them as forces of opinion and to be honest, some very good posts were downvoted down the drain solely because the downvoters were opinionated.  +1 - An upvote. They're good.  [edited] - A bad word which is automatically censored by the forum filter. They are usually minor swear words and usually won't get you in trouble due to their rather common usage.  SRTP - Short Reply To Post. An uncommonly used abbreviation with a short, sometimes temporary reply.  tl;dr - Too long; didn't read. These means laziness on the part of the one replying, or a section just for the lazy in a post.    Knowing these terms and knowing what they mean, and what to do in response, can mean the difference between winning, and losing.      -