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why is world of war ships so slow

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im complained before about every time i log on i wait a very long time in the loading screen to join a match if not the whole match to take control of my ship if its still afloat i just noticed after opening the client today that you delete temp cookie files and it clicked into place


for those who don't know what they are cookie files are temporary memory files that are in every site out there exp you go to a anime streaming site and you see a anime that has a different color tag then the rest because the site has a cookie on your computer so it remembers you and what series you watched


game are no different but use them in a slightly different way like in war thunder unless the update a map or format you will always go into the map with out much of a wait but it happens every time i open the client why do you feel the need to delete all of the cookies what could you possibly update every day that warrants a deletion of all the map cookies in most cases of a mini patch of a map or format it only requires the deletion of a small amount of cookies not the whole thing because the map is mostly the same with some exceptions of the moving of some parts of the map which doesn't happen every day 


if its not the cookies it is your code and algorithm if they are that weak and corrupted you need to find better programmers who know there stuff   

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