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Replay help (yes I used the search function)

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I inserted the correct lines and such, but they still aren't activating.. I'd really like assistance of some sort figuring it out, especially after i got team killed by a New Mex who proceeded to turn pink and spend the whole battle chasing down OUR carrier. 

I'm thinking I placed them in wrong, if someone has a screenshot of what their preferences.xml file looks like with working replays, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As I said, I checked the other threads about this but nothing came up on HOW to insert said lines.. My apologies if this is repetitive. 


((making this post at school but will check back at 3 eastern when I'm home))

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Does anyone else get seemingly corrupted replays where you can only see the intro screen, and hitting "start battle" does nothing?  I can hear the battle action in the audio, but the video is frozen on the intro screen.  Is there any way to fix it, or to kick it so it switches to the action? 


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