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Ranked Battles--To Bad You Can't Slap Teammates Over the Computer

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Well we all have ended up on teams where is seem that 2/3 of the team are helmet wearing, window licking, short bus riders....But that just the luck of the draw..


But I'm talking about the  guy's who make you wish you could snatch them by the back of the neck and try to slap the stupid out of them... The one's that as soon as the battle starts, runs and hides and waits for his team to do as much damage as they can, before dying because their a ship short. Then when most of the emery ships are highly damage, he shows up to cleans up and snatch as many point as he can......They all seem to be named Richard and actually go by [edited].....

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Weren't people saying that ranked battles would be the solution to pubbies?



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