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Mutsuki: Damn I Missed You So.

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Sooo... I recently just got my Mutsuki back last night, but only could play 3 battles tonight, I already researched the second hull, just need to purchase it now, but...


I had AMAZING games for ALL 3 battles. Currently Mutsuki is my best destroyer, with the highest average damage and highest K/D (Hope to keep up the trend.), and I am realizing why I loved her. She's just simply good at what she does. And even though she still only has 6 torpedoes, she's an upgrade with 2 Tripple Launchers instead of Minekaze's nerfed double launchers.


Soo... people said that Mutsuki was bad while stock, I present my three only games in this ship, and I hope to continue the trend:





This one I think was mostly because their Fubuki wasn't watching where he was going and got hit by one of my blind fired torps into his smoke cloud. And then their Tirpitz sailed right into a spread of my torpedoes, eating 3 out of 6 launched. Their Derpitz gave me a lovely 30k damage hit after all 3 hits :3





This one was the first game I played in my Mutsuki. We lost because I couldn't carry hard enough. (Their Clevelands were actually watching for me :sceptic:)





This was my last game. I spotted their Bogue and launched my torps at it, but my team killed it before they even reached, so I had to be content with an 11k damage hit on their NM and also a free torp hit on their Mutsuki that gave me another 10k damage.


So far, thats the stock Mutsuki for me. Either I got lucky, MM blessed me with idiots who sail into my torpedoes while I am spotted, or... I just seem to do better in my Mutsuki than Minekaze. Not even Minekaze's first 3 games were this fun, or gave me such a good kill streak from the beginning. So I might've just found my love for IJN DDs again, I always did like Mutsuki, and never disliked her, even once. Same with Hatsuharu, so I expect good things to come from the future. I just wish my Minekaze was granted these matches, where the Cruisers weren't diligent, and were more focused on killing Battleships and other Cruisers instead of Destroyers. I might've liked her more then if Cruisers didn't focus me down the moment I was spotted either by air or was careless and got spotted by another DD.



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The second game I ever played in the Mutsuki (obviously still stock), it threw me into a tier IX battle on Ice Islands (first time I'd ever played that map).  I apologized in advance to my team, then wound up surviving the battle while netting two kills and a poop ton of damage, second on the team in XP.  So, yeah...I always liked her, too.


(We won't talk about my first game in the Mutsuki, tho)

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What I don't like about the stock Mutsuki is that the torpedo range is infuriatingly short. I liked getting nice and close when it came to the "predocessor" Minekaze, but I still liked being unseen. Now I HAVE to be seen in order to even to get an effective firing solution; and as soon as I launch, because I was seen, they'll just dodge them anyways! It's just frustrating as all hell trying to grind for the upgraded torpedoes if I can't even hit anything in the first place. I had some damn amazing games in Minekaze, but now I'm just stuck with the "Mitshitki".

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