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the awesome des cruiser , not so awesome

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The awesome des cruiser , it cant take hits very well , a person should just play the cleavland its about the same , the fires a lot of shells but hardly with any damage , it takes 200 rounds to do any real damage , if your not dead buy then or to busy dodgeing all these ghost torpedos we have now , cruisers are to support bb but if you cant see the dd whats the use , they have no real way to see the ghost dd , there torpedo accusation  with there in house mod just sucks the torpedos are already on you before you can move , like the cruisers fun to play , but your better off to play the lower tier cruisers than the high tier not worth the money or time , some battle ships move just as fast as the des , and there long range guns will take out the des before you can get into range to fire but even then you get a few shells off with hardly no damage , then start running hopefully they miss or else you get hammered , The ship is not worth it , higher tiers your better off with the battleships or the ghost dd . Have fun all.

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