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Signatures in Wargaming.net forums

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If you are asking where to change your signature, you click the "Edit My Profile" button above and to the left of your profile when you view it.

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Creating a signature is not complicated.  Using the Microsoft Paint program, the above image was created.  I will walk you through a simple process that should be a step in the right direction for would-be signature designers.  Though others use more sophisticated programs, techniques, and art, my approach is geared towards my dogma, "Speed, Flexibility, and Accuracy".  Cliche, I know.

  • First and most importantly, know the restrictions placed on signature in these forums.  468 (long) x (by) 90 (high) in pixels.  Rules & Guidelines

  • Next, I chose a background of the USS Montana.


Next, I placed a BLUE outline inside the box. This outline creates a buffer by which other images are managed within the signature.



Here's where you have fun.  Place those logos, images, art, or otherwise to personalize your signature.  However, high quality images lose detail when shrunken to fit your signature.  Take the rank, for example.  After I shrink the rank to 54 x 90, I could copy it to my signature.  Sometimes, you will have to use your chosen editor to fill in white areas, such as I did when I painted in the lower corners of the rank.


http://i4.photobucke...92/navy_e93.jpg (Original)http://i4.photobucke..._e93_shrunk.jpg (Shrunk)


At this point, I place the rank and logo on the signature.




The last step is using your text editor, playing with the fonts and sizes, and colors, and just having fun!

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