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Proper Use of Reporting?

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Now, I wouldn't normally make any kind of issue about something as silly as this, but I wanted to touch on it in a video and I would like to clarify a few things about the reporting system.


Is a 'bad' tactical decision grounds for reporting someone for being a bot? What are exactly the legitimate grounds for reporting someone, and can it ever be justified to report someone for 'bad' gameplay. 


I had a game yesterday, and I'm not trying to complain about this, I'm just trying to get the facts straight. But it was a super close match, both teams were on the cap but the enemy was just a little but further ahead. I'm the closest one to cap (in the Churchill III), but my avenue of attack is cut off by a KV-2 and another tank firing from an unknown location. I know if I pull out there I'm not going to last very long, especially with that 152MM firing at me, not to mention the other tank. So the thought goes through me head that if I do that, I will die, and there will be no chance of resetting the cap. However if I turn around and go the other way around the houses so I have cover as I come towards the cap, I might have a chance.


So I do that, sadly we lose because there wasn't the time. I see some weird message in the chat video, just the word "reported". Thought that was a bit strange, but that's alright. But then when I'm back in the garage I see some guy has started up a chat with me. I open to see him flaming about how I didn't reset the camp (as I was half way across the map... in a Churchill, and that he was reporting me for being a bot. So I try and talk to him about the whole situation to try and look at the whole thing logically, but nope, reported, and offline.


Now I'm not exactly worried about anything coming of that report, but I just want to get some other perspectives before I do any "commentary" on this.

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 Not long ago I saw iowa 3 games in a row ,2 on the enemy side and one on my side that rushes mid and dies first. not shooting not kiting just sailing straight , maybe this can be the definition of a bot

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