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Experience calculus

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Hey guys

I posted on forums wondering about the World of Warships experience in calculus. Aircraft shot down, the state more (fire or flooding), etc. Does this affect the experience? Is the bonus experience points depending on the impact of these conditions? Once you've answered me wish for a precise calculation of the game experience.

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I don't know that anyone has a precise equation for how XP is earned. Nothing has been put on the Wiki like in Tanks.


As a general rule, more damage = more XP. Doing a higher percentage of a ship's damage gives a slight bonus, as does damage to ships of a higher tier than you. Small bonuses come from some of the ribbons (cap reset, citadel hit, etc) and kills give a small set bonus. Damaging lower tier ships yields lower XP rewards.


Basically, the things that earn XP are those that push your team toward the direct win condition. Things like shooting down planes and capping bases in multi-base Dom, while both important, do not directly result in a win, and are rewarded to a much smaller degree. 

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