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Not sure if anyone has already started a tread about the new short chat so thought I'd just mention it.   I must say that I think it's the worst thing to come out on this game thus far.  Too many spammers and possibly children that think it's fun to send every single short message, then once they have sent them all they then start again...and repeat this all through the battle, then when they are politely asked to stop spamming the comms, they then laugh and continue to do it just to annoy the team.  It is just the must annoying thing that has happened to the game......just about every battle now you have to put up with it....I think Wargaming need to get rid ASAP......or at least do something to punish the players that constantly spam the comms with these messages just for laughs and giggles.

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Where's the survey?  I clicked on this expecting a survey.  This is the survey section.

There we go again with unrealistic expectations, my bad sorry.

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Came for a survey.....  found a rant.

I leave empty handed.... was I just trolled?   :unsure:

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