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So if I want to save replays for older versions of the game, I need to...

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I believe that to watch replays for older version numbers of the game I need to also keep the game folder stored separately, and link the replays to that .exe file to play them (and link back to the regular game when watching current replays).


In other words I need to keep a copy of the currently 17 gigabyte game folder copy and pasted somewhere safe so it doesn't get patched up to the next version number when there is a big patch.  The entire folder.  I just can't save the .exe file by itself, since maps and sound effects can change as well as the gameplay.


I have a portable hard drive I'm not using, so it isn't a big deal, but this will take up a lot of storage space doing this ever time after there is a big patch to copy and paste the new version (better to do it now rather than forget to do it the day before patch-day).


Naturally, the normal game folder on my main hard drive that I play with will stay put, as that is the one that will get patched, and the one I play on the live servers with.  I will just keep copies of the game just to watch old replays.


Or is there a way to watch old replays that doesn't take up so much storage space?

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I too would also like to know this. (was just about to make a thread asking this same thing lol :P)


Would hate to lose some of the replays I have just because I want an up to date game. Also, WG needs to hurry up with making replays official. I mean come on! Its free marketing right there!

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