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Honest thought: Why does, when Citadels occur (from both types), AP > HE?

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Assuming that both Rounds are Citadelling [We're shooting at a Carrier, eg.]


Shouldn't the round that's got the bigger bursting charge... do more damage?

AP rounds are very heavy and have solid bursting charges, but their weight is devoted to actually getting into that Citadel [i.E. Penetrating the armor, thus Armor Penetration rounds], where their Burster does the damage.

HE rounds are mostly burster.


You'd think that if the off chance an HE round actually got into the Citadel and went off, it'd do some VERY serious damage-- a bit more than the AP round, no?


Yes, there's gameplay mechanics [Normal hits do 33% of the Citadel damage, e.g. so if HE's citadel hit was higher than AP's... HE would simply be a better consistent round [when unless there's serious chance of overpen, AP is-- because 33% of the AP Max > 33% HE Max, because AP Max > HE Max]] but...

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If I'm not mistaken HE used to have higher listed damage than AP, just like in WoT. But this was back when damage mechanics was slightly different, where even bounced AP shells did damage.

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