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Here come the desync freezes of CBT past!

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Nothing quite like the entire game freezing in place. Ping and model movement doesn't work, but kill ribbons and chat and controls do. Happened to me in CBT but not since then. Ever since this patch, has happened a dozen times.


Anyone experience this? Trying to narrow down what's causing it.

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Just had it happen to everyone in our game (literally a few minuets ago). It stopped for me after I died but for other people it kept going for the whole game, which doesn't make much sense if it was a server problem. Anyway FPS tanked to about 4 average and ping spiked up to 110 average when it normal sits around 40-50.


Edit: Also for us the game still worked, it just ran at 4 FPS. All of us kept playing the match and shooting/killing, but it was all at like 4-8 FPS for everyone. So the whole thing was like a slideshow.





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