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Some clarification please.....

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Ok, am sure this has probably been asked before, but would like some clarification on which ships can research others.


Is it purely as it is indicated by the arrows in the tech tree?


It would appear so, as I needed another 1100 XP for my Omaha, so thought I would take out the ST Louis to finish the research off......

......scored 1500+ for the match, but still need 1100 for the Omaha!


It should not matter what ship you are using IMO, it should still give something towards your current research, even if at a reduced rate(say 20% for each tier step below the researched ship).


Anyone care to point me to a link, or give a laymans explanation on how it actually all works?






Edit-Double post.....my bad.....mods, if you would be so kind as to remedy.....

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You can only progress up the tree by using the ship directly preceding it, ie you can only unlock the American tier V cruiser through using the tier IV cruiser. Alternatively you can convert experience gained through any vessel to free experience with doubloons.

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