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Aircraft Carriers/Destroyers/Light carriers (mostly Jap cruisers) = shoot HE


Aircraft Carriers/Heavier Cruisers (American Cruisers/ Battleships = shoot AP


If you want to play aircraft carriers:


Bombers = To troll (to allow enemy to waste resources to fight fires or damaged modules), generally not important. (Use on Battleships, more damage to lighter armed ships DDs or Lighter cruisers)


Torp Bombers = To deal heavier damage (Use on BBs or Heavier Cruisers)


Fighters = Kill enemy Fighters/Torp Bombers (Bombers not important)


If you want some real fun with carriers, play tier 4 CVs, and target those who generally have absolutely no or few AA defenses... erhhh.... Kawachi, Myogi (stock), Arkansas-beta, eh...... Wyoming (stock), stay away from cruisers as they have fighters launched from catapults, or intensive AA fire, stay away from big clusters of Battleships, Cruisers. Bigger the cluster, more AA potential to harm your planes. 


Jap carriers tend to have terrible fighters, but can send more air groups (but less planes) then American carriers, more speed and more concealed, maneuverable and fast. 


American carriers, More planes in air groups, powerful fighters, however air group modifications tend to suck. (you'll know once you play the Bogue), less speed, less maneuverability, less concealment.  

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I have been play for about 2 weeks and love it and tips for new players. What does most players feel about Mods , if there is any ?


The tips part were more or less covered above. As for mods, they're allowed but you can't use any that provide a distinct advantage over other players. 

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My advice is travel with a group and get to know people. The chat box comes in very handy. 

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