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Awesome Moments... Brought to you by Torpedoes™

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With the torpedo hate threads must come stories of torpedo win.

Thread Rules: You must post your story of Torpedo Win.


Probably my most memorable comes from my Yubari... Yes, Melon-chan, the ship i love to hate. Because I'm a masochist, I guess. I was escorting a battleship under heavy fire, taking damage right along with him as I tried to provide AA support when a Wickes decloaked 7km off our bow. With the battleship's guns already engaged starboard, there wasn't much that was going to stop that DD from bringing the pain. Fortunately his first torpedo salvo was off because of manuvering and I accelerate from the BB's aft quarter to buy time.


The DD goes into evasive in an attempt to wait out his torpedo cooldown while I put shots into him. Unfortunately my turret DPS is pretty anemic on the best of days, let alone with only one gun tracking. I just don't have enough to discourage him and he begins his next attack run even as I'm pulling slightly ahead of the battleship. The DD turns into us and in retrospect, his intentions become crystal clear-- Thread the 1k space between me and the BB for a two-for.


It almost worked. Low tier battleship secondaries suck and I have crapfor DPS. As you can see from the screen, my fate was already sealed since his starboard salvo was already on the way. Hell, I didn't even know what killed me until looking at the video after the fact. That said, I knew he was going to rap3 that BB in the seconds before my life ended and took a high risk shot. You don't put torpedoes down range of an ally, right? You certainly don't put torpedoes down range of an ally only 1km from the end of the tubes. If i missed, I would have justly earned my asschewing.


But I didn't. And it was awesome. I suck the Wickes torpedoes up and just as he's about to broadside the battleship, he eats mine. I doubt he expected mine any more than I expected his, We both die in glorious fire and the BB cruises past unscathed. I guess a story where I survived would have been more glamorous, but it was a good duel nonetheless.



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100 to 0% a Montana with 7 torps, waited for him to finish pre-emp manoeuvering and his float plane to pass by, then drop fish at his broad side at 6.5 kms. At 66 knots, the guys never had a chance, especially when he was aiming his gun in the opposite direction of the torp.

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