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Server Disconnect Issue - Five Minute Disconnection Bug

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Per the title, I have been experiencing some issues with connectivity. I can log into the game, look around the port and change modules/upgrades without issue; however, when entering a match, I have the following issue.


On seemingly random days (it happens more often on high-load days), the match will load properly and progress normally for almost exactly 5 minutes (the 15:00 mark in a 20:00 game). At this point, the game will freeze temporarily (i.e. the game will stop showing the ship's position correctly and it will bob up and down as usual) for a short span. However, after this point, while other ships continue to be updated on-screen, firing can be achieved (though the ability to know which turrets are actually firing comes only from seeing which turrets go on cooldown; torpedoes are inadvisable and impossible to launch) and hits can be dealt and received, the actual position of the player's vessel is incorrectly updated until the player's vessel is sunk. The vessel appears to spin in circles after this point, no further manual directional input seems to be accepted, though it seems that auto-pilot guidance can function, but being unable to ascertain the actual position of the vessel, further play beyond capturing points is impossible. Upon sinking, the position of the vessel is updated.


I am located in the eastern US, which could potentially explain latency issues, though the general ping reported is only around 75ms to the low 100s, but if the server thinks I've disconnected and drops all further packets for this reason, perhaps this might be a reason for the 5 minute window. I can update with other relevant information as requested.




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Mine behaves similarly when I can get into game except that it's about 3 mins, not 5ish.


I'm having a LOT of issues logging into the game as well. 

Wiped the game and redownloaded/installed. Refuses to log in now. downloaded game is version 4.0.110854. says it is fully updated.
Windows 8.1 (all patches)
Also fails to Close the game on command.

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