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Secondary Batteries

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Why are they so bad? Apparently they do get better at higher tiers, but for both of the t4 BBs, they are pretty much useless. I understand that they can't be a perfect little death field against destroyers, but on the other hand, that should mean that they can't hit an enemy from 1km. Just had a battle in Wisconsin. I got separated from the rest of the team, and a destroyer managed to get up close and behind me. Had too many enemies in front of me, so apart from targeting him with the secondaries, I ignored him. I died, because 4 ships against one, and looking at the stats. secondaries fired 77 shots...4 of them hit, for a grand total of 3k dmg (probably around a 4th of of his health. And this was from maybe 2km away. 

    I had another one, this time in the myogi, where a kuma with only 2-3k health, around a 10th or less of his health, came within 2-3km of tme. Again, I was surrounded (my fault, mostly), and it fired something like 90 shots, and still didn't kill him.

   So like I said, I understand that the secondaries can't, nor should be little force fields, but it would be nice if they were at least somewhat reliable. Is this just me, or have others found the same problem?

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I kill them in my T5 Kongo too, but I put the bonuses there


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