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DD Commander James Sims Helps rescue Omaha Beach

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Mostly this youtube post is about other aspects of Normandy D-Day Invasion.  But this is a pearl of a documentary.  At about 1: 17 Commander James Sims DD-497, USS Frankford is the first of a squadron to come into shore to help rescue Omaha beach from the day's carnage.  For me this helps me place many things into perspective like the heroic footage of DD contribution in the battle of Leyte Gulf--Taffy 3.  Now I can still not find, without buying a dvd (which I might do for Taffy 3 from a history channel product which I haven't even seen) any significant coverage of these DDs and DEs (Johnston, Franford, etc).


Because they are the smallest and most expendable does not mean that their gleaming contributions should be ignored.  Also I can find no good footage on the many DDs and DEs and other ships that served on the picket line off of Okinawa at great cost.


Bottom line is all should be honored.  All classes, all ships, all branches, all planes, etc.  War is both a terrible thing and an amazing act of dedication for those who have served.  Let us remember, learn, and honor,




Youtube post: Normandy:Surviving D Day(full documentary)HD

PS folks: beyond 1:21 post repeats itself--don't go there!


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