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Aethervox, permission to come aboard

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K, fellow swabbies, I`ve been in WoWS since Dec 14 where I somehow flukily got invited into Alpha from a Beta weekend. So I`m a bonafide wowser I guess.

My plan is to enjoy the WoWS voyage. I have started all (or will start all) the Jpn & US lines (cept US DD line).

I like to max out each ship module upgrade-wise and also for the optional upgrades. I am working on maxing out each Captain, as well.

The only money I will spend on this game is to convert elite ship exp to free exp.

I do not care if I ever get to the high tiers - I think those who rush as fast as possible to the top are missing a whole lot on their personal voyage.

I prefer certain ships for their historical importance (or because they are just plain good ships).

atm I have 10 ships (inc the two A & B freebies) and I will eventually have more  once the Brit & Ger tech trees come available.

I will likely even want a Fre & Ita ship or two. Not at all sure about  any Russian ones. Sorry WG, what & where was the Russian Navy in WW2.

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I agree with you about players rushing to get the top tiers. A lot of fun and experience can be had in the lower (III, IV & V) tiers.

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