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WoWS is not that unbalanced...need only small tweaks

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Hello all,


When I started to play WoWS I played it like I play WoT...solo random trying to help the team but not playing in a team.


And some ships seemed too strong (Cruisers, Destroyers and CV's) and others too vulnerable (BB's).


But, after I changed my way of playing everything seems to be almost fine now. What did I changed?


I play for team and I behave like I am in the team. It makes a big difference!


If we stay together (like in real life navies), Cruisers protecting BB's and CV's with AA cover while getting the protection of the big guns from BB's, with Destroyers a bit ahead caping or taking sneaking attacks on unware enemies and the CV's aircraft wrecking havoc on the enemy fleet, the game plays itself really well and the unbalances seem almost not existent.


Play like a real fleet and you will see the improved sinergy between all ships.


I would just tweak 2 things: reduce the BB reload time to 25 sec and increase the minimum drop range for torpedo bombers a bit.


Thanks and best regards,



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