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Question about effect of fire-related skills and upgrades

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I am trying to figure out what skills to pick for my cruisers and battleships, and I would like to know how exactly the percentages of the fire-prevention skills and upgrades are calculated.


Damage Control System Mod. 1: -5% chance of fire

Fire Prevention: -7% chance of fire

Demolition Expert: +3% chance to set target on fire


Are these values absolute or relative? Absolute would mean that somebody with the Fire Prevention skill could never be set on fire by <= tier 6 destroyers and cruisers whose HE shells have <= 7% probability of setting targets on fire. The damage control upgrade would lower this chance even further, and would mean that an early BB with a 20% fire probability for its HE shells would only have an 8% chance to set you on fire.

The Demolition Expert upgrade would then mean that a cruiser with 152mm shells and a 7% stock fire chance for HE would have a 10% fire chance with the skill, effectively resulting in an almost 50% higher chance of setting its target on fire.


Or are these values all relative to the base fire probability? In this case, the skill would be nearly useless.

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Demolition Expert is additive. It works as you think, it just tacks on +3% fire chance to each shell.


Both of the fire prevention methods work differently. There is a hidden fire prevention stat for each ship. The upgrade and skill are their listed percentage of that stat.


The example given was a tier 10 ship having a fire prevention stat of 0.5. Taking the Fire Prevention skill, you would subtract 7% of 0.5 to the hidden stat, so you'll end up with a 0.465 multiplier. This final stat is multiplied with the shell fire chance to obtain the "real" fire chance per shell. So take a Cleveland's 12% fire chance per shell: 12*0.465=5.58% chance of fire per shell. With Demolition Expert it will be 15*.465=6.975% chance. With all bonuses in play it will be 0.44*15=6.6% chance.


It's a safe bet to assume that lower tiers have worse native fire prevention stats. The issue is that the fire prevention addons have a very small effect when compared with Demolition Expert.

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