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should the Damage control party reload be lowered/Changed?

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I've been thinking about this right through Alpha and Beta. The Damage control Party has always been a system I think could be improved. it seemed alright through alpha and most of beta, but lately the reload on it was nerfed at some point (not sure when I stopped playing for a month or so towards the end of beta because WoT was taking up all my time)


personally I think the system can be improved. currently the Damage control party does everything, for a 120 second reload when you use it. so if you get set on fire, lose a module, or get flooding. you use it to fix them all. but the problem I see is, if you get set on fire, you usually put it out, and if its a high RoF cruiser or Destroyer shooting at you they generally can end up setting you on fire again in the next couple salvos. if your in a BB this is crippling because you can't do the same thing back. its especially horrible if say a minute later you get torped for some reason. even if you only take on torp, 30 seconds of flooding which is guaranteed to happen when you get torped is going to either kill you, or leave you on severely low health. and there's nothing you can do about it. its like playing WoT and having a repair kit, med kit, and fire extinguisher all in one consumable and that's all you get. its unthinkable. 


im not saying that either of the fire or torpedoe mechanics, or losing modules is a problem, but when they all happen close enough to each other and you only having one consumable to do them ALL, it doesn't work very well IMO. it used to be 45 seconds during Alpha, that worked alright in my books. but 2 minutes? a lot can happen in 2 minutes, especially if you are in heavy combat. 


you can use the gold one, but its still an 80 second reload. plus it costs a fair amount of money. that said, I think im going to be using it on all my BBs from now on, over the free one.


I think a better way to change it would be to give a separate consumable for flooding and fires, at least. it makes more sense that way, and its less of a "get torped while damage control party is reloading and your screwed" situation. 


please, post opinions. if you think Im wrong, please explain your reasoning. I would love to hear it. 

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Fires are out of control and need a separate consumable with a shorter reload to balance the HE spam. I'd even be OK with the reload being variable depending on the class of ship.


I also don't like the whole flooding mechanic. IRL (I know, I know), most larger combatant ships used compartmentalization to avoid having a torpedo strike do exactly what flooding does in WoWs - long term damage. I would rather see a flooding hit do something like cause a 10-20% drop in speed.for 3-4 minutes.


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I would vote for multiple damage control party for different ship class. DD gets 1 DC to use immediately, CA/CL/CV gets 2, and BB gets 3. All of them have different reload timers, like your guns.

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