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I'm loving it. Still.

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Just like the title states, I've been enjoying this game ever since I got into CBT, Sure there are tweaks I'd like to see, and some things can rustle my Jimmies every now and then, I'm looking at you CV load out compared to IJN, But on a whole i'm so glad I've gotten to play and test this game. I've met some amazing players, been schooled by them, and schooled others, but it's always nice to see compliments thrown about in this games chat box. Can't think of the last time I saw that in WoT... or any other online multiplayer game i've played. I've stalked the forums for a while now and just felt like I should add some positive notes to the forums, I find the sheer number of people calling for content or ship removal or crippling nerfs to be laid out on a game that is still so young in the hands of the general populace kind of mind boggling. The sure fire way to make sure you make every ones time less enjoyable is to pendulum swing the power curve around once a week, Thus far i've been happy with WG's slow approach to change. The fact they want as much data as possible gives me hope for the future of the game.


TLDR: Game is fun, lets all have fun together. WG be gentle.

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