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Helpful tips for Captains

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Since there's a lot of feedback on these forums, I thought I'd put together a quick guide on effective forum posting for Captaining in the forums.   Remember these easy 20 guidelines for maximum posting effectiveness, and your forum salvos will always score citadels!


1) You are always right.  Do not allow anyone to convince you that you're wrong in any way.

2) You are the best player ever.  You don't have anything to learn from anyone, your strategy and skill is perfect and doesn't need to change even if you have 6% accuracy and 2k damage per battle.  That's the game's fault, not yours.

3) Feel free to comment on how easy/hard it is to play a specific ship type even though you've never sailed one of those ships before. (Remember Guideline #1!)

4) Don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative.  If you say something, that makes it true.

5) Every ship class that kills you is OP.

6) Every damage type that kills you is OP.

7) Every ship/ship line you sail is nerfed and useless.

8) Smoke is OP.

9) Smoke is too nerfed and is useless.

10) It's too hard to spot DDs

11) It's too easy to spot DDs

12) CVs torps are OP.

13) CVs are useless.

14) DD torps are OP.

15) DDs are useless.

16) BBs are useless.

17) This game takes no skill because of the RNG.

18) The RNG is biased against you personally

19) The MM is biased against you personally

20) Everything you don't like is destroying the game, and you're going to quit unless the game is completely redesigned to your specs.


I hope that helps!


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If the dd's don't immediately rush cap, they are useless

If you wander off alone and get slaughtered, it's the rest of your team's fault

If they take your kill (even with fire/flooding) rage at them in chat and park next to your CV

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Oh, those are some good additions.   Here's a few things you can do during the game to help your team achieve victory.


*)  If you get into an argument in chat, make sure you spam chat and say things in all caps.  Victory is determined by raw volume.

*)  When your ship is sunk, make sure you spend the rest of the match telling your team how stupid they are and how they're making you lose the match. 

*)  Anyone that scores a citadel on you at any range or hits you with a salvo beyond 15km is hacking.  Make sure to call them out on it.

*)  Whenever you are sunk, make sure you tell the person that sunk you that they only sunk you because the game is [edited], or their ship is OP, or your ship is nerfed.


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