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Need Help finding files

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ok so first off, this is all centered around the Atago


making a skin for it



see the problem?



the turrets.   while i managed to make the camo for the hull and gundeck invisible(easy enough)  i can't find the camo file for the guns, OR the texture file for the guns


the guns name is 203mm/50 3rd year.

as well as 127mm/40 type 89

610mm quad torps

AA 25mm/60 type96 mod 1


if anyone can help me find the location of the turret camo file, and the turret texture file. that would help alot






bonus: in the first picture you see almost a greenish glow with a slight purple shade at the front of the ship...what is that!  is it from the lighting engine?

-edit confirmed its the lightning engine.



is there an easier way to find these files? seriously =/


and for the heck of it.

inspiration for this mod (yeah yeah i know its the yamato. i'll make it for yamato when i finish this one)

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This is for you



and gun texture file: ~~\res\content\gameplay\japan\gun\main\textures\JGM024_203mm50_Type_E_RF_a.dds


ty, but unfortunatly the camo file was still overwriting it (i downloaded your patch but it didnt fix the turret.  check your thread i edited my post)


i reinstalling game right now to see if that fixes it (as that gun camo file didn't exist, i suspect game never installed it)

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