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I am dissapointed WG

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(meant to post this here)


It would be rather callous of me to say I speak for everyone so I'm speaking on behalf of my self.


I have played World of Tanks since Open Beta. It was a fun game and I loved it. I spent thousands of dollars on it, getting premium tanks, gold, and premium  time occasionally. It was literally the first game I've spent any large amount of money. You impressed me with it. However your Customer Service occasionally was a bit tough to deal with. Despite that fact you tried your best to make things right when they went wrong. Some times I disagreed, other times I did. Despite all of that I still spent money because I felt it was worth it.


Then I heard about World of Warships, I went nuts. I loved naval warfare from World War 2. The thought of captaining a ship from that era was amazing. I couldn't wait and I looked almost daily for the testing phases to start. I applied for Alpha test but obviously didn't get it. I luckily got a key for Beta Weekend and happily started testing.


Things weren't perfect and I understood that. I had my vocal opinions and butted heads with people ont he forums. When Closed beta came around I was excited and actually spent 70$ on the pre-order.


As you made patch changes my tune towards the game changed slightly. Each change made me feel more and more that the game was going a direction I didn't like. However at work I still told all my friends who game about World of Warships and why they should play when it hits open beta.


Then with recent HE changes I found myself telling a friend to try it but be prepared for possible disappointment. I understood balance had to be had but I found myself in a quandary as to whether I should tell people about this game and whether it was worth it for them to play.


Now the Humble Bundle has happened and the fall out. I'm disappointed. Not because I didn't get anything, I never bought it. I'm disappointed because of all the things I expected out of you WG, the good and the bad, this is the worst I've seen of you.


It's sad, not maddening, just sad. Yes you have a player base that complains, but we are dedicated. We are vocal because we care so much. When the Humble Bundle dropped I told everyone I could about it. It was a great way to get them into CBT and set them up for OBT. I wanted more players, I wanted this game to succeed.


But now I just can't support others to play this game. I will probably play but I won't spend money. Again not because I didn't get anything, but rather because I fear this now may happen to me in the future where it has never happened prior.


I will tell those I know that this game is not worth playing. What happened and the response. I know I'm 1 player, and in the grand scheme of things mean nothing to your overall revenue. But I'm a  disappointed customer and even worse a saddened player. I thought you were much better than this, and it saddens me to see that you aren't.


You may not be losing one player, but you won't see any one I know come as a result.

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A freaking men to that.


Just... why. Who thought that this was going to be a good idea?


And who forgot to send the memo to both Humble Bundle and Gunlion so that this wouldn't have happened?

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Yes you have a player base that complains, but we are dedicated. We are vocal because we care so much. When the Humble Bundle dropped I told everyone I could about it. It was a great way to get them into CBT and set them up for OBT. I wanted more players, I wanted this game to succeed.


You nailed it.


I will never trust Wargaming again.  Any company that thinks this is remotely acceptable deserves to fail.  I love the game, but I cannot get invested (time or money wise) in it after seeing WG for what they truly are.

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just saying...............


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Everyone should be. This is concerning as if WG can not honor this then what can they honor. I firmly believe that WG will make the correct choice and reimburse the players/donors who chose to contribute their hard earned money to a noble cause in exchange for products that WG coded into the game. Yes WG needs profit to survive you promised a product to their players and they failed to provide the details to those players that would effect their decision. It seems to me, and I am sure that I am not alone in thinking of this, that WG has a real communications problem. Somewhere between the team that develops this and the consumers information fails to makes its way to the players. This is not a recipe for success. I hope that WG realizes their weakness and makes the necessary corrections to ensure that their company develops and prospers ;like the vast majority of their players want it to. WG is your are as smart as I know you are you will reimburse your loyal players with what you promised them. After all you did promises. And its not our fault that there was a communications break down. Pls WG give us our simple requests and end this unnecessary debate, so that we may move on and properly test this amazing product of your's. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

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