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WoWS SP campaign - standalone

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Hi guys


One thing I've been longing for since my days of playing Silent Hunter III was a full SP campaign using surface combatants in WW2. Playing WoWS now is just awesome and has rekindled those thoughts. Wouldn't it be awesome if WG (or someone) developed a WW2 SP campaign (standalone game) where you operated in either the ETO, PTO or MTO as a DD/CL/CA/BB/CV captain and were able to experience stuff like:


- taking part in all the major RL campaigns that occurred eg. being promoted to Capt on 7 Dec 41 at Pearl, Guadalcanal, Santa Cruz, North Atlantic convoy duty, Op Torch, Peleliu, Okinawa, Cape Matapan, etc (as US, Ger, JPN, etc)

- starting out as a Corvette captain (ETO) doing anti submarine/escort duties, promotion to DD then CL, etc

- anti submarine duty, shore bombardment, recon, troop transport, anti a/c, kamikaze watch, night engagements, etc

- more detailed ship management (similar to the Silent Hunter series) eg. lots of upgrades, high level personnel management (high level only..hey thats what the 'number 1' is for right?)


Obviously dreams are free, but I just think that WG have already done a lot of the work. Sure it won't mean battles every single day but immersion would be important. 


Worth a shot?

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Only thing I disagree with here is that it should necessarily be a WWII affair. Given the largest confrontation of Battleships and the largest naval confrontation period ( by tonnage ) was Jutland I think it'd be a shame to leave out the WWI battles.

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