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Humble Bundle Issue

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WarGaming. This is a serious SNAFU that needs to be addressed by a staff member ASAP. Not only is it damaging your own reputation and the reputation of this game which is about to hit the public, but it is also damaging the reputation of Humble Bundle which is a charity organization and a great source of advertising and public goodwill for many game studios and indie developers. If there was a translation error, thats too bad. Staff members said certain items would carry over to the live game, which encouraged the purchase of said humble bundle. Now we are told that those items were closed beta only. 


This is not an "oops, sorry" mistake. This is false advertising. We need an official statement as soon as possible outlining the steps that will be taken to correct this mistake, or you may have just sunk your own ship before it had a chance to leave port. 

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Can we not have so many duplicate threads...

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