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Questions I didn't think of during CBT

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A few questions that came to mind as I looked over my reset harbor after logging into 4.0:


1. "Basic Firing Training" listed as tier 1 commander skill under secondaries.  It mentions guns up to 155mm but for both DD lines and the US CA line up through the Cleveland, the main guns are 155mm or less.  


Does the reload speed bonus help with main guns up to 155mm as well or just the secondaries?  


Same question on AA efficiency help with the same skill with DP main guns as on the Atlanta and some DDs for example?


2. Any reason to keep the commanders we get that start with zero skill points?  I ask because with NF, your original crew leveled faster than crew you later recruited.

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If the skill is specified for Secondary or AA armament, then it only effects those guns. Even if your primary meet the caliber requirement, it will only effect Secondaries and AA. If the gun is DP, then I assume it also boosts it's anti aircraft abilities as well.


Not sure what your asking on the Captains. Keeps the ones you want on ships you like and recruit on ones you don't.

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