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researching modules

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There really is no super ultra mega guide on what modules you should or shouldn't research, to be honest.  It's really about how you want to customize your ship, and relatively how quick you want to be on to the next tier.  For CVs, pick a loadout that suits your fancy - bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighters - research the module for it, and go hunting.  If you like a certain cruiser, consider getting the turret upgrades for it.  If you're enjoying a destroyer, and you'd like more damage and/ or range out of a specific set of torpedoes, note the stats for the upgrade and go about researching and purchasing it.


They're not game breaking major upgrades for the ships, but they can all be an added bonus that you can spend your research points on if you're not beelining it to the next tier of ship in that tree.  Some of the research-able modules might even be considered sidegrades or downgrades depending on what your preferences are (torpedo range and damage comes to mind).  If you're so inclined, however, you can bypass almost all of the modules for a ship and go straight down the hull upgrade line to the next tier.


Research modules are there to give a minor boost in performance to the ship you're sailing at any given time.

Ex.)  Since the St. Louis is by far my favorite ship in the game, I have it "twinked" out in commander upgrades, research-able, and purchasable upgrades - all because I like to take the ship out for battles, regardless if I'm progressing down an unlock tree or not (though there is always the free experience gain).


My St. Louis stat page:



TL;DR - don't worry too much about upgrades.  They're a nice, but minor boost.  If you see one you like and you like the ship, go for it (or them!).  If you dislike your current ship, discount the modules and head for the next ship in the tree.  You'll save research points and free experience toward the next unlockable ship.

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