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Hitbox,Pyromaniac and Edge of Map

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Hi All,


        I am a player from CBT Asia, I post here because I think I can be more close to dev so maybe a good response I can get. I knew this game since it was announced but didn’t play until CBT, I experienced about 1300 battles ( bad win ratio J ). What I am saying here is: there are some critical bugs and some bad trend due to these bugs in Asia Server, I am not sure if the same thing has happened in EU or US, if not I am afraid it will happen sooner or later.


       1.Hitbox issue or bug


      I have serious doubts about hitbox works on only one dimension. This is not my own feeling but from many friends of mine, they spread over servers like ASIA,US and EU. We have never had a citadel hit when a ship makes its bow or aft towards you .


      In Asia server, you can get citadel hit on only two people, a fool or a beginner. Everybody knows that, when your bow or aft towards enemy, the projection area of ship is smaller, enemy will be very hard to hit you, even they hit you they are not able to penetrate your citadel area because in this direction, I mean the axis from bow to aft, there is no penetration judgment or calculation.


      I don’t want to debate how big difference there are between this game and history of WWII, but when a CA( Tier 8) began to approach me (Tier 9 BB) from 10 km away, before it bypassed my aft, I shotted it at least 5 rounds(9 shell each round) with 16 inch AP, one of shots was in less than 2 km. The area I aimed was the part of bow close to water line, but each hit got only around 1000 damage. At that moment I was so disappointed and so helpless. Is this the right way of fighting WG anticipated? Is this the naval battle WG expected? Fight in the way of HMS Nelson? In reality the most heavy armor is in broadsides, the less armor in bow or aft, but in this game we have to use our most thinnest part to face enemy. It really makes you speechless.




      In the skill tree of captain, there is a skill called Pyromaniac which gives you 5% extra chance of HE shell to cause fire, for example, a HE shell has a A% to case fire, this skill will make it have (A+5)% to cause fire, when your captain is in status of retraining, according to description of this skill, the chance should be (A+5*50%). But when you have a captain like that you will find you are launch incendiary not HE, the chance of casing fire is incredible. Many feedback proves the formula is likely (A+5+50). This is open secret in Asia server. You can image a warship with this high tech equipment, who can stop it? Another ship with the same equipment. Due to this bug, the AP is almost useless, do you know what will happen when three fires arise on your ship? Your HP will reduce by the speed of 1000 per second.


3.Edge of Map


      I want to say this is the ancient bug because it existed since Alpha Test. When a ship lies across the edge line of map, all statistics(say distance, direction of movement) are totally wrong, deadly wrong. So when you shot such target you always miss, but it can shot you because your statistics are right to it. In Asia server, every day, every battle you always find some guy mean to use this bug, it makes battle be bored.


     When the hitbox issue makes a naval battle become more and more like CQC (Close Quarters Combat), always bow to bow, when people are used to move along edge line of map, are you familiar with this scenario? It is WOT.


Now I appreciate your patience, please forgive me for my poor English. I just do not want this game to become the second World of Plane, or another WOT








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Thank you for posting this, we see the same problems in the US.


We were hoping that the Devs were listening to you!

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I can say for sure the Pyromaniac bug is false. I run that on 3 different captains including my American DD and both my Cruiser captains. While retraining my Ibuki captain I was averaging 2-3 fires per game, the first game I had after the captain finished training was 16 fires set (holy crap lol) with an average over the next 20 games of about 6 fires a game.

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My 2 cents here, I have gotten citadels in the bow and the aft but usually only on Cruiser or Larger targets and I had to really aim low on the water line. With that said when I do citadel especially in the front I can usually get a magazine hit for huge effect. Problem with bow and stern is they are tiny angled targets and AP tends to bounce, for the big boys like Iowa and Yamato that have a huge submerged bow "dome" it's easier to pull off but you need a mid to short range shot at 10k or less for the angle to pen correctly.  With this said however, the bow and aft armor is usually far thinner than anywhere else making it easier punch through the citadel armor layer once past the hull plates.


On the broadside shots with AP with anything cruiser or larger you really have to aim low on the waterline for shots to get under the belt armor. Usually the round needs to hit the water first for it to work on BB's . Having a 90 degree impact and a big enough gun to punch through the target is a factor too. But it's far easier to score a broadside citadel than the bow or stern. The best chances for the waterline citadels from my experience is point blank or out to about 10k depending on the shell trajectory. Flatter is better. It's ok if 8 out of 9 shots penetrate only water and sealife.  The one "golden bb" that connects with the citadel will make up for it. 


The other way is to go "over the rail" to clear the top of the belt armor but not hit the superstructure which will strip AP jacket off the round and explode like a very weak HE round for minimal damage. The over the rail shot is trickier to pull off than a bow or stern in my opinion because you need about a 45 degree down angle impact and catch a weak fold in the Citadel inner armor a few feet below the deck armor.   


Also consider your gun, I am reluctant to attempt AP citadel shots with anything less 200mm in caliber. While I have AP citadel punched a BB in my sims and Fletcher, the resulting crit bonus was about 5k or so compared to the monster 14k citadels from any gun in the 300mm plus range. 


Warships are like giant layed cakes with all the Citadel filling buried in the middle and usually well below the water line. 


As for pyromania skill, kinda fun/useful if you have guns with really high rates of fire. Atlanta Prem ship and American destroyers seem to benefit the most. Anything else and i prefer torpedo detection or advanced firing for what it gives you in the big picture. 



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