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Ideas for battles. PvP is awesome but we need some distinction.

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Torpedo Soccer


Destroyers only, There is only 1 torpedo in the game which will travel up to 50km. when the torpedo hits a Destroyer it deals no damage, instead the Destroyer hit gains 1 torpedo charge. The Torpedo Charge explodes after 30 seconds, so the Destroyer can't hang on to it forever. The goal is to sink 3 of the opponent's NPC controlled (actually stationary Battleship) which will take exactly 5 torpedo hits to take down.


guns will still work any destroyer that reach 0 HP will be disabled until their health slowly recovers to full. When the torpedo carrying Destroyer is disabled a Torpedo icon thingy will spawn randomly within a 5km radius around the disabled destroyer which can be picked up to grant 1 torpedo charge. 


A torpedo hitting a Battleship /GOAL will result in a torpedo charge spawning in the middle of the playing field.


TLDR: Soccer. With the Torpedo system

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