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Did we just have another server crash?

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Loaded into brawl...got about to cap & game locked up & crashed.

Tried to get back in... circle just went into perpetual spin mode.

Closed window & tried again & was told "game is running...if you can't see game go to player support".

Went to task manager & ended task on game...tried to start it again...& was again told, "game is running..."

Is this just a me thing or is the game going haywire.

Have never had the game tell me it was still running after ending task on it in task manager...so just checking.

Edit: Game is still telling me it's running...nothing is running in task manager???

Going for the reboot...see what happens.

2nd Edit: Well...that got me back into the game...post battle of course shows 0 creds & 0 XP (as expected) but no pink. Not sure if whole game crashed or just me but seeing as there's no other posts here in forums about it guessing it was just me...although there was an Andrea Doria that was afk (never left spawn...at least not up to the time I crashed out) in the battle...also on my team...

Guessing if the game did play out our team wasn't happy about having to go 2 vs 4.

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