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PanzerDan's Naval Weekly Battle of Jutland

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Hello My Naval  Nerds


Today I will be chatting about the Battle of Jutland. Thank you all who voted in my polls. I will be  going at this  in t a  couple of  Bite size  parts. No one likes a Gaint wall of text.This part will be about the Players at the Battle of Jutland. Admiral of the Fleet  Sir John Jellicoe commanders of the Grand Fleet  and Admiral  Sir  David Beatty ,Commander of the Battle cruisers squadron.


Across the North sea Two  man  sit, Reinhard Scheer  command of the High Sea fleet and Franz von Hipper, Successor to Scheer as Commander of High Sea Fleet. Sheer would command the  High Sea fleet at Jutland.  Von Hipper would  be commanding The battlecruiser of  I Scout Group.


Let's look deeper in to the Commander of the Grand Fleet

Sir John Jellicoe  was a sea farer from birth almost . Born in Southhampton In 1859. He join the Royal Navy in 1872  and as Cadet. Raising thur  ranks and ships. Finding a fondness for Naval gunnery while aboard H.M.S Excellent. 8 years  later  He would be  Promoted to  Commander of H.M.S Ramilles. In 1897 Jellioce was promoted to Captian and a member of the Admiralty's Ordnance Committee.  But  soon  The Boxer Rebellion would test  Jellioce's will. During the Seymour Expedition Jellioce was gravely wounded  and told he would not surive. But fate  had a different plan.  Awarded  Order of Bath(C.B)  By King George V.


He became Naval Assistant to Controller of the Navy in February 1902. Also in 1902 he was decorated by the German Emperor for his services in China with the Red eagle, 2nd class, with Crossed Swords. He became captain of HMS Drake, part of the Cruiser Squadron, in August 1903


10 years  Before  World War One  Jellicoe was made Director of Naval Ordnance.Promoted to Rear-Admiral in February 1907 during his tenure as Director of Naval Ordnance. He pushed hard for funds to modernise the navy, supporting the construction of new classes of dreadnought battleships. Jellicoe became very knowledgeable about his profession, much more so than most of his contemporaries. Viewing The German Navy as  the princple threat to the  Britsh isles.  He  supported F.C Dreyer's improvements in gunnery. Adpoting the Dreyer's "Fire Control Table", a form of mechanical computer for calculating firing solutions for warships. Further promotion would follow  2nd in Command of the Atlantic Fleet , Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty  and Finally Vice-Admiral commanding the Atlantic Fleet  Flagged  on the H.M.S Prince Of Wales .



So the 1st player on The stage of Jutland is set

Tune in Next Sunday .............. Or when i get the time for Reinhard Scheer

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Well at least your name is accurate.


2 minutes ago, The_Necroposter said:

Shame a month late.


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