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The game has been unplayable for some time now, too many game modes for such a small player base leaving the NA sever feeling very empty. On top of that tiers 8,9 and 10 full of extremely poor players that have not grasp any knowledge of the game and are ruining the gaming experience for the ones that take the time to actually learn the game to at least competent level. Increasing the players number my hope  would be that it would at least dilute the issue. Anyway my thoughts on the current issue I find the player base is a bigger issue then CV's and subs could ever be.

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Player base feels empty?  It certainly does from tiers 1 to 4.  But 5 and above?  Not my experience at all except at odd times (i.e., midnight to 7 AM or so).

Players at higher tiers often poor players?  Absolutely.  Folks rush up the tiers and learn little along the way much of the time.  Then they are driving tier 10 ships with tier 4 skills...  And if anyone disagrees then install Matchmaking Monitor and see for yourself.  Very few folks with decent win rates, PR, xp/game, etc.

But merge NA and EU?  Nah.  

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This suggestion could be problematic if players have both an NA and an EU accounts.

Would it even be possible to only do the Warships side, without doing the World of Tanks or Warplanes parts also?

It would have to be a full WG accounts merge, so for players in that situation, does WG compensate them gold/doubloons, or credits, for duplicate premium vehicles and commanders you can only own one of ?

And what about any server-specific content?

Then there's premium time to combine, and gold/doubloons balances from both accounts, and credits, and vehicle XP (tank, ship, plane) and free XP, etc.

That's probably A LOT more head ache than WG wants, especially after the separation from Lesta section and all that expensive hassle of moving personnel and offices to different countries and cities.

A server merge would NOT be a small project.... but other game companies have done it.

Impossible? No.

Likelihood to happen anytime soon? Slim to none.

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