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Operation missions are missing in 0.11.10

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Stars and one-time rewards in Operations will be replaced by daily and weekly combat missions. By completing these missions, you will be able to earn Community Tokens and Supercontainers.

We have this in patch notes of 0.11.8 about operations rework. The star system is a permanent system, which means if they are replaced with daily and weekly missions, we should have them in a permanent form. We got the star system aquaplanet in 0.11.10 for Halloween operations. But we don't get such missions in 0.11.10. I see a lot of debates on battle pass rewards. People constantly blame WG for nerfing their daily rewards, but no one cares about this missing mission. Seems weird to me. 

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I care about the missing missions, but it's not like we can do anything about it. If WG doesn't want to give out incentives to play Operations they won't. I would play OP if the payout was the same as COOP or the missions would give us something extra, but it isn't and since there are no missions, I'm in coop earning my silver instead of OPs. 

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On 11/10/2022 at 12:45 PM, FlandrexCirno said:

What do you mean?

What they say and what they do are never the same thing

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