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Current Clan Battle Meta. What have you seen.

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Interesting season.

12 battles played.

1 Shikishima. 

4 St. Vincent's.

1 GK.

No definite BB comp. 


NO 3 French dd comps.

Most games had 1 or 2 dds.


2 Salems.

4 Petros, all single petro.

Salingrad, Puerto Rico and Des Moines made appearances. 

1 Marseille.

1 Napoli.

Oddly no Sevastopols....


Our comp:


Monty & Ohio.



Smaland,  Gearing, Marceau. 


Ohio & Mecklenburg 



Kleber, Marceau,  Shimmy.

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Sevestapol is a tricky ship to play: it has a superheal but an incredibly long delay to use it. It has scary (15") guns with cruiser dispersion and Russian improved AP angles - but poor DPM. 

I think that the real issue is that it doesn't have RADAR - if it did it would be an ambush monster. 

On the BB side Ohio, St Vincent and Kremlin seem to be popular. See a lot of DM's and Russian CA's.

Gearing and Shima seem to be the favored DD's, with a smattering of French and Euro DD's. I didn't see any Russian, German or UK DD's this evening

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