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Regarding the player survey I recieved on logging in tonight...

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So the survey of this evening was regarding the 11.10 update, and at the end there was the usual spot for adding in any other comments you may have.  I decided to enter this little tidbit:


I appreciate that the teams involved worked very hard at implementing submarines into the game, but the shoehorning required is too much.  The survival rate of the U-boat crews of WW2 should tell you how outclassed they were by the 2nd half to 2/3 of the war.   And as a veteran of the USN, I have never, NEVER met a fellow surface sailor who was happy to hear that subs, friendly or otherwise, would  be in his operational area.  They don't belong in the game,  their historical use was against supply lines and other logistical elements, not fleet actions with the possible exception of Leyte Gulf. 


Now, I am a PVE player (since the CV rework anyway) and I loathe the idea of subs in the game.  There are enough combative elements in the game as it stands.  Another one was not needed.  Adding subs is not going to change what many consider to be the overly passive meta of the game as it is at the moment.   This is just my stream of consciousness (can't believe spell checker sorted that one out for me)  on the current sub situation.  Said consciousness being affected in a most pleasant way by a couple of Long Island Iced Teas. 


In closing, I will turn the title of ADM Lockwood's book upon the subs of the  game:  Sink 'Em All


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