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I hate subs... because the players playing them are suicidal

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When subs first came out they were scary. Pings coming at you from beyond. Eventually torpdoes could be seen homing in on your location, so you would run and try to evade best you can. As much as I hated seeing that, I miss those days given how the sub "gameplay" has changed since.

Someone discovered the shotgun approach. Just sail up to the enemy ship, pop up, fire all your torps into their face, get the kill, and dive away. Easy right? So apparently almost every sub tries to play that way and behold, they are last on the team at the end of the match because they were one of the first to die. They just sail into the cap where a DD is likely to be, and then keep sailing further into the cap trying to get close to the cruiser/BB beyond it. Madness. I only once in the last week or two saw a non-suicidal sub player and that was yesterday. The guy was patient and waited for enemy ships to come to him and he picked them off one by one. Every other match its just BANZAI charges into the cap. Frustrating.

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