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[ALL][EN] Amelia Watson Voice Mod (Hololive EN Vtuber)

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Who is Amelia Watson?

One of the Hololive EN Myth V-tubers, this toxic gamer is Ame-zing at FPS games! YouTube Channel: Amelia Watson Ch.



Features of this Mod:

Version 1.0 features 151 Voice samples. I've focused on surface ships sound triggers, but there are a few in place for CV and Subs. There are no Torpedo Beats music for the Ame Mod, as I don't think it fits her character as strongly. Future updates will focus on reducing repetition of frequent sound triggers. There are some Easter Eggs voice lines here and there if you play ships from the UK, Japan, and Spain.

Mod Video Preview:


Download Links:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkwoyd2touik8ac/Amelia Watson 1.0 Voice Pack.zip?dl=0


(A drop box account is not required. You can close any account sign-in pop ups, if any)


  1. Extract the Banks folder to the res_mods folder of the latest version of the game. (Example: C:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\5915585\res_mods\banks\mods\Amelia_Watson_v1.0)
  2. Launch the game 
  3. Go to the game settings
  4. In the Audio Option Tab, set voice over modification to Amelia_Watson_v1.0
  5. Click on something to verify "Hic" noises are working as intended

I tried to balance the sound volume around the standard audio setting, but the custom setting is recommended.


  1. To remove the mod, just delete the folder you copied into the Banks folder, and restart the game

Version Notes


- Initial set of 151 Voice samples


Contact Me:

I'm a USA Modder, so I'll be focusing on English voice packs. 

For feedback, contact me via the forums, streaming on Twitch, or on twitter @magefire2


Links to other Hololive Vtuber's voice mods: The ROKA series



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