NOTE: I am using "supercruiser" to refer to cruisers beyond the 8-ish-inch heavy cruiser range which do not have battleship protection (Scharnhorsts for their time) OR battleship firepower (Kongos for their time), which would be battlecruisers (like the German and British BC lines). To summarize the characteristics of this ship: 2x4 305mm guns with 28 second base reload, be very liberal with that reload booster whenever you get a good shot at someone's side, because you need it. 25mm bow/stern plating (unlike US and German heavy cruisers which have 27mm) BB fire times, but quick reload on damage control party (can be under 1 minute). Workable agility and camo if you don't overextend. No stealth goodies like improved autobounce--remember that AP ricochets start at 45 degrees! Due to poor HE shell damage, it is advised to stick with AP unless you expect to get bow-on-ed a lot. Ramming flag may be useful on this ship due to engine boost and its problems in dealing with bow-on ships. EQUIPMENT: Your chooseable consumables should be hydro and engine boost. Slot 1: Main Armaments Mod 1 -- You CANNOT afford losing a main turret! Slot 2: Whichever you like. Engine room protection may be a good idea if you find yourself using parthain over-shoulder tactics a lot as the plating is weak. Slot 3: I suggest either MBM1 or Aiming Systems to try to get better effective agility or bang-for-buck Slot 4: Steering Gears, you need to dodge if you are remotely active as a player, you need to dodge a LOT. Slot 5: I always use concealment systems, but there's an argument to be made for steering gears, choose what fits you.