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Weekend Spree, 8-10 July 2022

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Did Naval Battles, unlocked and bought Henri IV, retrained my Saint-Louis commander to her. 

Picked up the fortuitous third serving of Public Test Server Community Tokens. 

Decided to suspend any grinds that use up one-shot camos or econ flags in order to have the maximum number of bonuses for the new order. Plugged in a bunch of unfinished missions from completed campaigns and had great fun finishing those off.

Mostly playing around now with ships that have permacamos +/- whose successors have permacamos.


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I had a nice day Sunday for a change, didnt even completely suck at CV! :cap_fainting:



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Rolled out some more elite EXP and credits. Z-31 is proving quite an interesting DD that I may want a dedicated captain for her later.

Started up the German BC line (currently on the Mackenson). Pretty good fighters so far.

Actually raked in credits on a Missouri match.


Retrained Petro's captain and took her out. 1st battle was a wipe, real surprise that she depends on competent team to do well. Follow-up battle, pulled this in :Smile_glasses:


Not sure I'll run Petro a lot (accuracy issue at ranges beyond 16km) but she's pretty brutal.

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Did the French mini event. Museum mini event. Bit of the Transformers stuff, but won't finish that. (Got a Grimlock, 3pts, so I'm happy enough.) got a Block 3 PC (800bxp) in Missouri in Co-op.

Out of town, so missed the round 3 PTS.

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