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Japanese Premium Tier X Aircraft Carrier Kokuryu

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Kokuryu is a premium tier X Japanese cv

Imaginary backstory: Kokuryu was designed with her sister ship Hakuryu to lead the Japanes fleet into battle, however do to lack of resources she like her sister ship was never constructed could only be known as a document, but I have brought her to life!  BEHOLD KOKURYU!



Hull= Looks Like Hakuryū

Hit Points: 63,000

Armor(MM): 15

Armor(MM): 140

Artillery(secondary): 14 x 2 110MM

Range: 5.2km

Maximum Damage: 2,000

Anti-Aircraft: 24 x 2 40MM

Range: 6km

Continuous Damage: 560


Speed: 34.5 knots

Rudder Shift Time: 17.1s


Surface: 16km

Air: 12km



Air Squadrons-

Attack Aircraft= Kawanishi N1K3-A

Speed: 240 knots

Hit Points: 1,600

Planes On Deck: 24

Full Squadron: 12

Attacking Flight: 3

-Maximum Damage: 6,000

Number of Rockets: 8

Armor Penetration: 45MM

Chance of Setting Fire: 25%


Torpedo Aircraft= Yokosuka P1Y

Speed: 200 knots

Hit Points: 2,100

Planes On Deck: 40

Full Squadron: 16

Attacking Flight: 4

-Maximum Damage: 16,000- Type 91 Torpedo

Torpedo Speed: 65 knots

Number of Torpedoes: 1


Dive bombers= Nakajima G8N

Speed: 220 knots

Hit Points: 2,300

Planes On Deck: 40

Full Squadron: 16

Attacking Flight: 4

-Maximum Bomb Damage: 12,000- Type 3 No.150 Mk 5

Type: Armor Piercing

Armor piercing capabilities: 200MM

Number of Bombs: 1

Thoughts: She is designed to make the enemy fear her by her torpedo bombers and dive bombers, however I doubt that WarGaming would even implement this ship into the game even with proper nerfs like always, however I humbly lay this ship for your judgment and please note that this is just a rough draft and please WarGaming give this beautiful carrier a chance.

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