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Please add a sorting function to the camo screen

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I have 89 different expendable camos, and the only thing I can see is how many there are and the basic color scheme. Sure I recognize some of the more memorable ones, but with so many different ones the majority become muddy and blend together.


Not pictured: Scrollbar.

Please add a function allowing us to sort by bonus. Some times I want camos that offer a credit bonus, some times I want camos that offer an XP bonus, some times a captain XP bonus. Allowing us to sort by bonus would make finding the right camo to wear a lot easier.

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Sorting would be interesting. But WG can’t code 4% dispersion or Easter egg reset counters. At least there are mods that users have made to show the bonuses (mx camo mod on modstation) shows the benefits of each camo on the picture. This will be much faster rather than mousing through all of the camos individually to look at perks. Also, WG is vesting resources to the new economy so a change to make a sort filter would be wasted with the upcoming change. That’s the only solution/tools we have right now for the most realistic approach right now. But maybe WG coders can perform 21st century coding feats in short order. 

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