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General Cruiser line Discussion

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I simply wished to create a thread where people, especially experienced players, may discuss cruiser lines and compare them to each other and provide and discuss the traits of each line of cruisers.


Since I created the thread,  I guess I'll start.

As you can see from my battle count, I am a bit of a rookie, so what I am about to say comes from some somewhat limited experience and what I've heard from far more experienced players than I on the forum. 


The following is how far I have gotten in cruiser lines

Royal navy Heavy cruisers: Tier 7 (have yet to use Surrey in PvP)

Royal navy light cruisers: Tier 5

IJN: Tier 6 (have not used Aoba that much in PvP but I have used Furutaka a fair bit)

MN (France): Tier 3 (have tier 4 sitting in port unused)

RM (Italy): Tier 5

Netherlands: Tier 6 (skipped tier 5 with free xp and have yet to use tier 6 in PvP)

Pan-Asia: Tier 5


RN heavy cruisers:

I have not gotten a good read on Hawkins because I had only been playing for a few days at the time, found this ship frustrating and skipped to Devonshire with free xp after several games. I have really enjoyed Devonshire, I have had great fun using her in operations. In a RN heavy cruiser, you will die pretty quickly if you start taking fire from a battleship, especially if you get focused on, but fighting an enemy cruiser isn't too bad if you don't show them too much broadside and are good at aiming with the floaty shells. You can also do some pretty heavy damage to destroyers with HE, and disable modules pretty frequently. Generally, you do not want to be in open water. Ever. Once the shells start flying, you must, if you'll excuse the analogy, make an island your waifu and hug it like a body pillow (for the record, I did not come up with this analogy). I honestly do not like that analogy, because it implies that you must never leave the one island. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can certainly move around, passing from island to island, but the important part, is that you must always limit the number of enemies that can fire on you at any time by avoiding open water.

Also, a RN heavy cruiser should, as a default, be firing HE and only switch to AP at medium to close range when you have broadside (although, from Devonshire on, you can overmatch the bows on tier 5 cruisers)


RN light cruisers:

I have been having a lot more fun with Emerald than I thought I would. I feel I don't have enough experience with this line to form an opinion, but good mobility, dies fast if focused, RN light cruiser AP rocks imo. I just have to remember that I have smoke.


I have really been enjoying IJN cruisers. Tenryu was a pain, but Kuma was pretty fun with all its guns and torpedoes as well as decent rudder shift. Aoba and Furutaka have been really fun, powerful AP and HE, good speed, decent rudder, powerful torpedoes. They die fast if you draw too much attention though. One thing that I feel goes unnoticed is that even though their citadel is pretty exposed to AP, their belt armour covers a fair bit of area (even if it is all citadel) so if properly angled, you do not take a lot of damage from cruiser AP because it bounces off the large belt, although I may be entirely wrong on this count. Aoba has been a blast on operations.


For all the rest, I feel I do not have enough experience to say anything worthwhile.

Please feel free to complete this and tell the pros and cons and general playstyle of various cruiser lines.


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You skipped the 2 best.

USA hvy and German.

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out of all the cruiser lines there you have touched on, my fav has to be french og cruiser line, in fact I regrinded the french line at least twice now as part of the research bureau, at the highter tier they excel at annoying BBs in open water but with engine boost and MBRB they can close in and punish DDs, broadside cruisers emprove the ease of finishing off wounded BBs.

sure the tier 4, 6 and 7 seem to be sluggish and everything else tier 5 and below either reloads slowly for its gun caliber or/and is under armored, but once you have fun grinding out the tier 8 and 9, greeting you at tier 10 is the Henri IV and lives up to its informal nickname, HIV by being this large annoying pest that many BBs or sluggish cruisers struggle to fight at the extremes of its range when kiting away while playing with the gas and brake pedals.

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Surrey is pretty rough, basically a repeat of Devonshire but worse MM.


Albemarle is a pretty big jump, you get superheal, usable armor, and concealment. Though the guns leave a lot to be desired, I feel that is somewhat made up for by the absolutely silly torpedo angles and the ability to bounce 15” shells with your sides, endgame torpedo jousting is pretty fun in this ship. Nose in with your deck can ruin the day of 16” guns, you need distance for this to work though.


Drake is just big, you get better guns and an even better superheal, but your armor has identical thickness in a tier where more ships have access to 16” guns, not to mention your 25mm plating is more common so 15” guns are now threatening. Worst of all the torpedo angles are dead.


Goliath is on paper a good upgrade, in practice t10 is cursed for me so I don’t feel qualified to talk about it. Your sides are now 30mm so you can be safe against those 406s and 420s, though there is an uncomfortable amount of 30mm overmatch floating around, fortunately nothing overmatches your 40mm deck which you should be comfortable with using by now. The extra gun does damage, enough said there. Even the torpedo angles are better than Drake though that’s not exactly a high bar.


It’s been a long time since I grinded the Germans, but their AP hurts however it is tricky for it to penetrate so you spend a lot of time slinging HE with great range and shell velocity, to offset that AP damage the HE does less damage. You do have the armor to get close, though not enough for focus fire obviously. Their hydro is basically German radar and that AP can gun down battleships at that close of range.


Japan sees a jump in firepower with Myoukou, then acquires stealth with Mogami, Ibuki just repeats Mogami so get comfortable with using that stealth to pop out in weird places as your firepower is pretty much the same as t7. Then there is Zao who finally changes the guns you had since like t5 and gets more of them, the flat shell arcs are a big boost to range and the individual shells are mean. Speaking of guns, Mogami does have the option for 155s as part of her “totally not a heavy cruiser” origins, I didn’t use it because I didn’t want IFHE.


I’ve been thinking of doing another cruiser line for a while now, still sort of all over the place and not really committing to any cruiser line at the moment.

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This is the general gist I have gotten by looking at the forum:

British heavy cruisers are HE spamming island campers and require planning ahead and are pretty meh.

British light cruisers die quickly but are buggers to deal with with their smoke and acceleration. They are difficult to get a hang of but have a very high skill ceiling.

French cruisers are speed demons.

Japanese cruisers are good at kiting, hit hard with their guns, are somewhat fragile and have gotten somewhat powercrept over the years.

Italian cruisers are all about the SAP

Dutch cruisers are bad because, as I have heard it put "they have given up everything and their firstborn to get their airstrike" and the airstrike isn't even that good.

Pan-Asian cruisers are not particularly good.

I have not taken much of an interest in the other lines, so I do not really know what their peculiarities are.

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