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Aiming system VS islands, suggestion for improvement

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This has been the subject of many complains on this forum from mostly battleship players. As someone who has played a lot of battles in cruisers spamming HE shells at battleships, I feel that the interaction could be improved for the ship that is under fire from a target they can't see, hidden behind an island.

There is indeed a limitation of the current aiming system in WoWS, that can make the interaction feel unfair for the player being targeted : it is often impossible, even though the ballistics could allow it, to aim at sea surface behind an island. Try as you might, you'll end shooting rocks because you will actually aim at the nearest object pointed by the reticle, and never what is behind it. This can lead to additional and unneeded frustrations.

Ideally, I believe a ship that has the possibility to attempt a blind shot should be allowed to do so. Just as a player could  if he was receiving shells from a target concealed by a smoke screen. Being able to shoot back, and occasionally deal some hits with skill and luck, would make that interaction feel better for the players that are under fire from an invisible/well positioned enemy ship.

So here's what I propose to improve the aiming system.

Basically, a keyboard key/shortcut would be assigned. When pressed, it would change the aiming system to only aim at sea surface, and the aiming reticle would then ignore rocks and other objects that are displayed in front of the sea surface.
it would work as a toggle mechanism; press the key to enable "sea surface reticle", and press it again to retrieve the normal aiming behavior.
After enabling the sea surface reticle, the reticle displayed at the center of the screen would slightly change (color and/or shape)  and white text would appear near the bottom of the screen, similar to the Ctrl-X function that will display "Armament: locked on bearing"
If a player aim at an area that the shells can't reach because of ballistic properties (shell arc), it would display the  same familiar icon players are used to (no change).
The mini-map would continue to reflect the aiming position, as usual (no change).
The modification would not provide any enhancement/change  in regards to the perspective from the camera/binoculars.  But it could also be leveraged by ships that have access to a spotter plane, if desired.

This aiming system modification would provide new opportunities for players to shoot back at areas they couldn't normally target using the conventional aiming system. Thus, opening a counter play option, if allowed by position and main armament ballistic. Blind shots will always remain highly inaccurate, but the ability to shoot back can modify the perception a player has of the interaction.

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They just need to fix the perennial bug of greatly-increased dispersion when you target a ship anywhere near land, even if that ship is in plain view.

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