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How to save US ship building, and reach the 500 ship fleet

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Long story short, the USN needs to begin heavily investing in smaller ships.


in WWII, we had subchasers, mine sweepers, landing craft support lights, etc.

multi-role small combatants.

for example relative to its time the Admirable class mine sweepers were much more capable than the avengers are relative to modern times.


so I propose a class of sub chasers, mine sweepers, and something similar to the LCS(L) in terms of relative cost, size and capabilities.


subchaser- various ASW UUVs, USVs, with SVTT, and 40mk4, possibly SEARAM or phalanx 75-100 ft long <500tons

Mine sweeper- various MCM UUVs, USVs, a box launcher for switchblade 600 drones, 40mk4 100-125 ft long <800 tons

LCS(L)- mk110, 40mk4,  SEARAM, box launcher for switchblade 600 drones, SVTT, and 2-4 NSM, either a bow mounted sonar or VDS. 150-175 ft long 1000-1500 tons





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I'm sure Wargaming will forward your recommendation.
USN is planned out 8 years in advance on a lot of the procurement. 
They try to keep the framework rigid but can make modifications as the world changes needs/tactics/strategy/funding..


Royal Marines Jet Suit Boarding Ex - YouTube


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